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AI Launch Lab is a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and cultivating the core skills and competencies needed in AI while prioritizing accessibility, inclusivity, and demographic diversity.

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AI R&D Cohort Members From Underrepresented Groups In Tech


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Increase the AI adoption within the Canadian and  help  building and scaling of homegrown AI startups.


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AI for good and ethics and policy best practices lack strong use cases


AI Launchlab Mission and Value

AI Launch Lab aims to help address Quebec’s AI training and talent gap by identifying remarkably talented individuals who are highly motivated to work in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We offer these individuals the chance to acquire experience and skills in these fields by giving them the opportunity and support to provide real value to companies.

At AI Launch Lab, our principles aren’t just bullet points or check boxes. These are the main reasons why we do what we do, and they permeate every aspect of our organization, events, and programs. They not only matter deeply, and at times do come at a cost, but they give us a real advantage because truly accessible, diverse, open, collaborative, and ethical projects lead to better outcomes for all stakeholders.

About the AI Launchlab
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Identifying and cultivating the core skills and competencies needed in applied AI

“Washington, DC, alone is looking to hire 105,000 new employees with various AI credentials in the coming year… all the educational institutions in North America combined do not produce enough graduates to meet this single need.”

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AI R&D Program

Applications for our Summer 2021 R&D Programs are now OPEN!

Learn state-of-the-art skills through the process of creation while being mentored by experts in the field and expand their data-science portfolio. The cohort has the opportunity to acquire real world experience and skills in AI, and to push the boundaries of AI in research and development projects.

r&d program

AI Hackathons

Make some differences in 48 hours

48-hour events bringing together beginners and experts to solve AI related challenges involving real word problems. In our past events, the teams worked in collaboration to tackle climate related problematics thanks to AI and machine learning.
In addition, we expect these events to be the launching pad for larger and more significant projects and partnerships aimed at addressing these existential crises.



The AI Launchlab Project has over 100 member organizations and counting
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